How To Create A Highly Effective 4-Hr Work Day Using The Productivity Playbook
"Accomplish more in a day than most can in a week, without all the stress!"
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Dear highly ambitious overworking Entrepreneur friend,

Could you imagine what your life would be like with twice as much free time?

For years, I struggled with procrastination and wasted all my time on meaningless busy work. My to-do list kept getting larger, my profits barely inched up, and I felt more unaccomplished and unsatisfied at the end of each day. 

If you're looking for a realistic solution to procrastination and an easier way to become more productive and effective, keep reading this page.

This is for all Entrepreneurs that are sick of not having the daily scheduling workflow and psychological advantages of the elite, successful and wealthy.

If there was a simple and effective way to plan your weekly income producing activities, structure your workdays and accomplish more in 4-hours than most could in a week, would you? 

  You're not alone... In fact, you're in luck!

On this page, I'm going to show you exactly how to put your work schedule back in CHECK. You'll learn how to end the downward spiral of procrastination, doubt, and unproductivity before it even begins.  

You're likely one of the millions of people that are suffering from this silent dream killer, but yet NO ONE is talking about it. And it's not your fault either, because no one's teaching this crazy simple and effective way to structure a legit 4-hour workday.

I guess it's not as sexy as teaching "Instagram ads," "automation bots," or "abundance manifestation" techniques, but according to me, it's way more profitable and important. 

I wish I would've learned this specific 4-hour workflow process 15 years ago..
It would've saved me so much pain and suffering...
My life would've been so much more relaxing, and my business would've been so much more profitable.
You can find lots of people talking about "the new tool or strategy" of the month...

but rarely will you hear anyone share their proprietary "behind-the-scenes" productivity and workflow secrets that make their businesses truly pop off and flourish. 

Rarely do successful Entrepreneurs reveal:

     1. How they avoid anxiety, stress and doubt when making important decisions about what to focus on? 

     2. How they choose which income producing activity to focus on, over the tempting non income producing busy work that most others are wasting their time on? 

     3. How they structure their weekly and daily action items with rock solid confidence?

     4. How they train their brains to cut through procrastination and laziness?

     5. How they actually set their schedules to save them time and get more done?

You've probably wondered how all these people you see on social media came up with their systems and procedures that allow them to make so much money and have so much more free time than everyone else... 

The good news is that today... you can start modeling their successful ways!  

This type of productivity workflow isn't anything new or overly complicated either...
You're going to learn a small handful of "high level skills" that most people will never know. 

Not because this information is secret or anything, but because they're not at that part in their Entrepreneurial journey where they can no longer avoid the negative consequences of wasted time, lack of clarity and isolation.  

The moral of this story is that over 95% of people will never learn how to get out of this self-sabotaging stage of their businesses. They'll struggle to get the right things accomplished and then internally pick themselves apart because they didn't get the results they were after.

The lucky ones were either taught these "self regulating" skills by someone they grew up with... or from someone they found shortly after hitting their personal productivity brick wall.  

About 2 years ago, I hit a personal brick wall and couldn't take it anymore... 


I couldn't go on working 10 hour days / 7 days a week any longer. 

     It was just too much... and for too long.

For a handful of years, I had friends working hourly jobs that were making more than me and were only putting in 1/3rd of the hours.

I was supposed to be an Entrepreneur, living a life of freedom, yet I was terribly unhappy.

My mind and body literally revolted against me and started shutting down. 

If you're still within your first 2-6 years of working like a crazy person and you haven't seen any negative effects yet... 


I got very honest and humble about my problem and went looking for help. I was on my last leg...  I knew I wasn't leveraging my time right or focusing on the right income producing activities to be as successful as I wanted to be. 
And even worse, it was costing me my happiness, a satisfying love life and ultimately... my next level of success.

Immediately after that realization, I hired a very special mentor named Sarah and she audited my entire life and business as part of her onboarding Client productivity test.

She uncovered that, 90% of my long 10 hour work days were "completely ineffective" and "a waste of time.

When she first told me, I tried to defend my position by telling her how I was "hustling so hard" and doing all this "important work" as my own boss, but she looked at me very kindly and said,
"Corey, do you want to continue wasting your time all the way through your 30's, 40's and 50's... or do you want to learn the right way to get clarity on exactly what to do each day and how to follow through on those things with a 100% success rate?"
Humbly, I said, "Yes... please teach me because I'm struggling and I'm no longer enjoying life or work anymore."
And I hired her for a very worthwhile 5 figure dollar amount.

She said,
"Great choice...! You'll be glad you made the shift.

If you follow my playbook, your work days will be 4 hours or less, 
you'll feel much more relaxed and satisfied throughout the day, 
you'll start getting more important stuff accomplished and 
you'll make way more than you were before."
Over the next year, she took me on as a Client and I learned from here first hand how to stop wasting ALL my time on useless bullshit. 

Within the first four months of working with her, I was able to implement this 4-hour workflow process and annihilate my 6 figure glass ceiling

I finally learned how to get more done in 4-hours than I ever did before. 

More importantly, I was accomplishing bigger things that produced more income per hour because everything was strategically planned out ahead of time at my weekly cycle scheduling sessions!

From years #6 to #13 of my 15 year long Entrepreneurial Coaching and Consulting career...
    I was working 10 hour days, 7 days a week, 
    I was unhappy, isolated and lonely, 
    I had no steady girlfriend to come home to each night, 
    I wasn't taking great care of my body,
    I was missing family functions, holidays and birthdays, 
    I was always angry or anxious or burnt out. 
I'm not thrilled to say this but, it felt like I was always going into... or coming out of a depression.

I never felt like I could get enough done during the days and I was all too often struggling with procrastination.

Before I knew how to plan and schedule my 4-hour workdays according to this Productivity Playbook, I was spending time on all the wrong things.

This is a awkwardly confronting topic that plagues lots of well-intentioned people.

That's why I'm called to share this info with you and offer you my personal support while you implement this lifesaving... "overly simplified" Productivity Playbook into your life and business

I know your situation very well and if you're anything like me... you'll need support to make this transition happen because simply knowing the plan and "overworking" it, will not solve it.

If you're anything like me, you struggle with knowing what things to be accountable to and how to avoid all the busy work that we magically end up in everyday. 

[Overwhelm / Confusion] + [100% Hustle] ='s Disappointment.
I wish we could all get paid for hustling, but the marketplace doesn't care about that!
The truth is, we'll go broke if we don't produce the right results...
The struggle that most Entrepreneurs have is... they start doubting themselves and their mission because they're not prepared, organized and clear on exactly what they must do each day to win in their businesses

It's because they're not following the Playbook.

If they did, there would be no ambiguity or confusion about what to spend their time on! 

What happens is, they get confused and start going in 50 different directions (all at once) looking for solutions to the WRONG PROBLEMS

---> Then, they go into despair and start trying to play catch up. 
---> Then, they start looking for shortcuts 
---> Then, they start trying to hit home runs and swinging for the fences to make up for that lost time.
Unfortunately, all that misdirected effort just reinforces that all too familiar hollow feeling of not being good enough.
When I learned the difference between "busy work" and "income producing work," everything changed! 

    Even though, I already knew the terms conceptually...

When I learned how to plan out, schedule and protect my calendar, I started to naturally eliminate procrastination, unnecessary distractions and endless busywork. I got more traction than ever before!  

I was on a mission to "OWN" the material in my mentor Sarah's Productivity Playbook, meaning that I was 100% committed to implement it with her same high level of standards, follow through and accountability.

Now when I start my workdays, I feel relief when I look at my schedule for the day instead of instant overwhelm. 

That feeling on it's own is worth its weight in gold!

What I'm sharing with you is a simple solution for creating a life of freedom. One that you set the terms of and can start enjoying more.

This Playbook shows you the exact way to restructure your workday and maximize your productivity.
If you decide to take this formula and use it, you'll be glad you did

I'm sure you have a long list the things you'd rather be doing with your free time. 

Personally, I had no idea what to do with my FREE TIME because I forgot how to enjoy a normal life. I was completely addicted to my computer and the BS glory of being a "hard worker." It was like, I was wearing this twisted badge of courage for wasting all my time in the name of "my business." 

I was more like a martyr, but then I learned how to strategically plan my weeks, schedule my 4-hour days, follow through, and accomplish more income producing activities that I ever did before. 
But it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows once I learned this process.
I'll be honest... The first few weeks of implementing this process, was hard.

I naturally slipped back into my old routines of "needing to fill up every hour of the day husting and working."  It felt very strange and foreign for me to ONLY PUT IN 4 HOURS a day, but eventually it became a no-brainer once I learned how to plan and focus on the money-makers in my business. 

Believe me, I still have the urges to procrastinate and check my Facebook feeds at the wrong times, but eliminating all the busywork and confusion did wonders for me. 

I do have to say tho... this method isn't for everyone!
This 4-hour workflow WILL only work for you if: 
     - You're willing to admit that you have a big time management and productivity problem...
     - You're committed to growing your business past 5, 6 or 7 figures this month or year...
     - You're clear on all the other things in life you'll spend your free time on...
     - You're willing to utilize a support team for overcoming any fears or doubt you encounter...
     - You're ready to shift your old ways of "overthinking" and "overworking" for rewards...
     - You're very aware that those old ways are robbing you of the very things you're working so hard for...
     - You're ready to draw a line in the sand and defend your future and protect your sanity.
In this Productivity Playbook + How-To Training Video, I'll show you the easiest way to:
1. Plan out your entire weeks goals in one session
2. Structure simple and effective 4-hour workdays
3. Eliminate all hidden time traps from your schedule
4. Build your sustainable peak performance abilities 
5. Get clarity on your cycle goals and milestones
6. Trick your mind into being disciplined and focused 
7. Create more confidence and eliminate hesitation and doubt 
8. Focus your energy and become very effective with your time
9. Maintain mental clarity for grabbing new opportunities
10. Avoid the pain and suffering of regret from wasting years of your life


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